Spike Computerised Booking & Billing System

Implementation & Operation Manual

Table of Contents
1. Foreword
1.1. How this Manual is Organised
1.2. Contact & Support Information
2. Understanding Spike
2.1. Important Booking and Billing Concepts
2.2. Where's The Family?
2.2.1. Scenario 1-Shared Care
2.2.2. Scenario 2-Sponsors
3. Getting Going
3.1. Best Practice Plan for Implementation
3.2. Install Spike Software on Your Hard Disc
4. Basic Techniques
4.1. Pull Down Menu
4.2. Draw-down Selection List
4.3. Tabs
4.4. Action Buttons - Normally a 3-D Rectangle
4.5. Double Clicking - Open an Object
4.6. Radio Buttons
4.7. Check Boxes
4.8. User Selectable
4.9. Display Order
5. Implement Password Security
5.1. Steps to: Assign a password to Admin
6. Centre Details - Customising Your Spike Database
6.1. Enter Centre Details
6.2. Set or Change Default Parameters
6.3. Set Session Names, Hours, Fees and Overtime rates
6.4. Set the CCB Hourly Rate and School/Non-School Percentages
6.5. Set the Part Time Percentage
6.6. The CCB Cap
6.7. Set Centre/Service Policies for Allowable/Approved Absences
6.8. Set Purposes
6.9. Set Consents
6.10. Set Group Reporting Categories / Service Type CRN's
6.11. Closing the Centre/Service
7. Customise the Centre/Service Groups
8. Enrolling a child
8.1. Introduction
8.2. The Fast Track Enrolment Process
8.2.1. Entering a Child's Details
8.2.2. Establish the Billable Account
8.2.3. Enter a Child's Bookings
8.3. Enter Additional Enrolment Details
8.3.1. Associate Adults with the Enrolling Child
8.3.2. Enter the Child's Consents
8.3.3. Enter the Immunisations
8.3.4. Enter a Child's Medical Information
8.3.5. Enter Comments
8.4. Creating a Child Elsewhere File
9. Updating Bookings and Enrolment Information
9.1. Introduction
9.2. Change, Edit or Delete a Booking
9.3. Recording the Absence of Children
9.4. Entering Casual Attendances
9.5. Closing a group
9.6. On Completion of a Child Immunisation Series
9.7. Delete a Child/Adult Association
9.8. Delete a Child or an Adult Record
9.9. Amend Details of an Adult Record
9.10. When a Child is Withdrawn from the Centre/Service
10. Creating and Editing the Billable Account.
10.1. Introduction
10.2. Create a New Account
10.3. Establish Account Opening Balance
10.4. Enter Child Care Benefit in a Long Day Care Centre
10.5. Enter Child Care Benefit in an OSHC or Vacation Care Service
10.6. Entering Other CCB Notifications (formerly Parent Statement)
10.7. Apply Jobs Education and Training (JET) Fee Assistance
10.8. Change an Account Address
10.9. Upon Receiving changes to a Child Care Benefit Assessment
10.10. Withdrawing an Account from the Centre/Service.
11. Bills and Payments
11.1. Introduction
11.2. Update Actual Attendances From Group Attendance Sheet
11.3. Generate Fees & Print Bills for Entire Centre/Service
11.4. Batch Undo Fees
11.5. Add a Message to the Centre/Service's Bills
11.6. Display or Print a Single Bill
11.7. Receive & Receipt Payment
11.8. Print a Child Care Receipt for Weekly Bills Paid
11.9. Amend a Transaction
12. Bonds and Fee Adjustments
12.1. Introduction
12.2. Set a Bond
12.3. Adjust or Credit (refund) a Bond
12.4. Refund an Account Credit
12.5. Apply a Credit to an Account
12.6. Produce an Individual Bond Summary Report
12.7. Add Miscellaneous Charges (e.g. Late Fee)
12.8. Enter Extra Eligible Hours
12.9. Apply Special Child Care Benefit
12.10. Apply Subsidies
13. Accounting for the Centre/Service's Monies
13.1. Introduction
13.2. Print Receipt Summary to Reconcile with Cash Journal.
13.3. Producing a Bank Deposit Report
13.4. Produce List of Outstanding Fees
13.5. Generate a List of Fees & Child Care Benefit for a Particular Period
13.6. The Monthly General Journal
13.6.1. What Is The Monthly General Journal?
13.6.2. Reconciling the Monthly General Journal to your Accounts Package
13.7. Accounting For A Bad Debt
13.8. CCB Electronic Lodgement
13.8.1. Displaying and/or Printing a Lodgement Report
13.9. Manually accessing CCB Claim Information
13.9.1. Print the FAO CCB Usage Summary
13.9.2. Print the FAO CCB Usage Statement
13.9.3. CCA Reports for Prior to 01/07/2000
14. Service Operations
14.1. Introduction
14.2. Print Group Attendance Sheets
14.3. Produce a Group Utilisation By Attendance Graph Report
14.4. Produce a Centre Utilisation Graph
14.5. Attendance vs Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Reports
14.6. Print a Copy of All Reports
14.6.1. Other Very Useful Reports
14.7. Print a Copy of All Forms
14.7.1. Steps to: - Modify Agreements and Consents on Enrolment Form
14.7.2. Steps to: - Print Forms
14.8. Export Data
15. Maintenance
15.1. Introduction
15.1.1. Back-Up the Database
15.2. Compact and Repair the Database
15.2.1. Step 1: Compacting your Database
15.2.2. Step 2: Repairing your Database
A. Troubleshooting
A.1. Help is Only a Phone Call Away!