11.6. Display or Print a Single Bill

If an account holder loses their bill or you need to check something on a particular bill, you may need to display or print a single bill.

Steps to: Display or Print a Single Bill


  2. From the Draw Down Selection List select the Account whose bill you wish to Display.

  3. Select DISPLAY BILL.

  4. Enter the date of the billing cycle that you wish to view.

  5. Select whether you wish to Print or Display this bill by selecting the corresponding Radio Button.

  6. Select OK.

  7. If it is a bill that has not yet been created, select GENERATE FEE. This will process all the data and produce that account holder's bill in advance (providing the attendances have been entered).

  8. You can then choose to display it on the screen or print it. If you wish the computer simply to generate the bill and store it for future use select the Output to: NEITHER option.