12.5. Apply a Credit to an Account

From time to time you may need to Credit money to account holders. This could occur when you want to write off a bad debt.

Steps to: Credit an Account

  1. Select menu BOOKING + BILLING / ACCOUNT.

  2. Select Account from the Draw Down Selection List.

  3. In ACCOUNT DETAILS screen, select the HISTORY Tab then the CREDIT button.

  4. Enter the date on which the Credit was received (or applied).

  5. Select the Category from the Draw Down Selection List.

  6. If a new Category is required, click on the NEW button.

  7. Enter a 'Description" for the credit, or keep the existing Description which defaults to the same as the Category.

  8. Enter the amount of the Credit.

  9. Select OK.

  10. The Account Adjustment screen will open up.

  11. Press ENTER or Double Click in the white square next to the transaction to offset the credit amount.

  12. Select OK.