6.10. Set Group Reporting Categories / Service Type CRN's

The REPORTING CATEGORIES:- Each Service Type has at least one Reporting Category and this is for CCB Statement For Payment Summary purposes. The FAMILY ASSISTANCE OFFICE assigns for each of a service's Reporting Categories, a Service Customer Reference Number which MUST be entered into your database before ANY reports can be produced for FAO.

Steps to: - Edit a Reporting Category / Enter a Service Type's CRN


  2. Double Click on the Reporting Category you wish to insert a Customer Reference Number for or edit the details of

  3. Enter the CRN and any changes you wish to make to the display order no. or user selectability

    N.B. If you have a Service Operator code entered for CCA purposes prior to 01/07/2000, DO NOT EDIT THIS NUMBER. It is required for historical and auditing/reviewing purposes.

  4. Select OK.