14.5. Attendance vs Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Reports

Attendance Reports

There will be occasions when you will be asked to provide a Spike report detailing the number of 'Attendances' in your Service.

Attendances are the number of children you actually cared for in the service during a specified time frame eg. a session, a day, a week, a month etc. The number of children who attend at any one time may not exceed the total number of Licensed (LDC) or Validated (OSHC) places.

Attendance Reports and Graphs are particularly useful in determining the number of staff that need to be in the centre to meet the Licensing or OSHC National Standards requirements for staff:child ratios, plus the space and equipment requirements relating to the total number of children present.

You can easily display and print a number of reports that detail the attendances in your service, eg. the Graphs referred to earlier in this Chapter plus the following reports.

FTE Utilisation Reports

On other occasions you will be required to provide details of the Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Utilisation figures.

FTE's relate to the number of Full Time Fees you bring in as income in a specified time frame, eg. a session, a day, a week, a month etc. FTE's are not necessarily the same number as Attendances.

For instance, when a service offers a half day or a half session optional booking at a reduced fee, the number of children attending may be significantly greater in the first half of the day or session than it is in the second half, and this impacts on the overall FTE utilisatiion.

To illustrate an example;

Where an OSHC service offers a half session in After School Care, there could be twenty (20) children who attend only the first half session, plus twenty (20) other children who attend for the full session. In FTE terms the twenty (20) half session children would be equal to ten (10) full time children. Therefore, the FTE utilisation at that session would be ten plus the twenty other full time children, making a total of thirty (30) FTE children, as opposed to an Attendance number of forty (40) children.

FTE Utilisation figures would be required to set the Fees for a Day or Session to meet the income requirements of the service budget. They are also required to determine that the service is operating within the number of Commonwealth Government Approved Places for Child Care Benefit funding.

FTE Utilisation details can easily be accessed and printed in Spike reports.