6.4. Set the CCB Hourly Rate and School/Non-School Percentages

As a general rule Spike is distributed with the current CCB hourly rate and percentages already programmed into the database.

However, you will be required to change the CCB hourly rate and Effective 'from' and 'to' dates upon receipt of notification from FAO that new rates will apply from a specified date.

The Commonwealth Government generally set new CCB rebatable hourly fees on an Annual basis.

It is extremely important that any changes to CCB hourly rates are entered into the Centre details as it is this information that determines the amount of CCB your families receive.

  1. Select the CCB RATE/SCHOOL percentage Tab.

    1. Double Click on the Blank Railway Line, underneath the current entry, to bring forward the update window.

    2. Enter the date from which the new rates are effective and the amount of the new Hourly Rate and Percentages(if applicable).

  2. Select OK.