10.9. Upon Receiving changes to a Child Care Benefit Assessment

Some of your families' circumstances could change during the year and you might receive notification of changes to their CCB percentages due to re-assessment.

Each assessment change means a new entry into the CCB% Tab but it is important the Spike program knows exactly when the 'old' entry ends and 'new' entry begins, therefore no two entries can have dates which overlap each other.

Steps to: Update an Account's CCB Details

  1. Select the ACCOUNT in which you wish to edit the CCB details.

  2. In the ACCOUNT screen, select the CCB Tab.

  3. In the CCB screen, select the CCB% Tab.

  4. Double Click on the current CCB entry to bring forward the edit screen.

  5. Edit the 'effective until' date to one day prior to the new 'effective from' dates of the new CCB assessment.

    Eg. New CCB Assessments increasing the CCB% might say the start date was 18/08/2004, the service decides the 'effective from' date will be Monday 16/08/2004, you would edit the 'old' entry's 'until' date to 15/08/2004.

    Note: If bills have been generated with dates that overlap the new expiry and commencement dates, these bills will need to be deleted before the changes can be made.

  6. Select OK.

  7. Follow the steps outlined in Section 10.4 of this manual to enter the new CCB Assessment details.