9.7. Delete a Child/Adult Association

If an adult, for whatever reason, is no longer associated with a child, you may need to delete the connection between the two. A more common scenario is that you make this connection accidentally, and you wish to correct the records for that child and adult.

Your Responsibility.

Steps to: Delete an Association between Adult and Child

  1. Select menu BOOKING+BILLING / CHILD.

  2. Select the child, from the Draw Down Selection List, that you wish to work with.

  3. Select the ADULTS Tab.

  4. Locate the adult that you wish to remove from the child's record.

  5. Bring up the edit screen for that adult by Double Clicking on the Railway Line that contains the relationship details.

  6. Select DELETE.

  7. You will be asked if you really want to delete the association. Select YES or NO.

  8. If you Select YES, the connection will be deleted. The details for that adult remain in the database. If you wish to delete the adults records as well, go to Delete Adult Record.