12.4. Refund an Account Credit

From time to time you may be called upon to refund money to account holders. Typically this will occur when a child is withdrawn from care and the bond refund is more than amount owed in fees. Remember, you must adjust the bond first (to refund a bond in total, adjust it to $0.00), thus crediting it to the account, before you can refund the money.

Steps to: Refund a Credit

  1. Select menu BOOKING + BILLING / ACCOUNT.

  2. Select Account from the Draw Down Selection List.

  3. In ACCOUNT DETAILS screen, select the REFUND MONEY button.

  4. Enter required details, including amount to be refunded.

  5. Select OK.

  6. This brings up the ACCOUNT ADJUSTMENT window as shown above.

  7. Press ENTER or Double Click in the white square next to the refund transaction to offset the refund amount.

  8. Select OK.