Chapter 1. Foreword

This Implementation and Operation Manual will assist you in the efficient use of all the various components of the Spike software.

It is written to enable you to start from scratch, with your computer turned on, running Windows '95, Windows NT, Windows '98, Windows ME, Windows 2000 or Windows XP and with your Spike CD ready to install. However, you will find it easier if you have attended a Spike training program. If you haven't done this training, call our Help Desk to inquire about the next course.

1.1. How this Manual is Organised

This Spike Procedures Manual has been organised to assist you to perform the Administration tasks which must be undertaken on a regular basis for the successful operation of your Child Care service.

Tasks have been grouped here according to their logical sequence. Thus all of the tasks involved in Enrolling a Child are grouped together and in the sequence that they would be carried out in best practice.

Tasks are laid out in a standard format which includes the Chapter, Section and Task headings, a brief introduction to the task and its purpose and a step by step guide to performing the task.

An important part of the manual is The Basic Techniques. This section outlines some of the fundamental techniques that you must know in order to use the software. If you haven't done a training course then you must read this section thoroughly.