12.8. Enter Extra Eligible Hours

In exceptional circumstances, a family/child may require Extra Eligible Hours for Child Care Benefit purposes, please consult your Commonwealth Handbook or your local FAO before approving and implementing these Extra Eligible Hours.

Your Responsibility.

Steps to: - Enter Extra Eligible Hours


  2. Select from the draw down Selection List the Account to which you wish to add Extra Eligible Hours.

  3. Select the Extra Eligible Hours Tab.

  4. Double Click on the Blank Railway Line.

  5. Select the first child to be included in this Extra Eligible Hours approval.

  6. When you click on the child's name the Extra Eligible Hours Update screen will open.

  7. Enter the 'effective from' date.

  8. Enter number of weeks approval is for, (usually 13 weeks).

  9. Enter number of Extra Eligible Hours approval is for, not including the number of hours they were already entitled to. ie. if a family has been approved for 50hrs CCB where before the exceptional circumstances they were entitled to 20hrs CCB, 30 extra eligible hours would be entered.

  10. Choose the Category which relates to this approval.

  11. Enter any Notes you wish to make.

  12. Select OK.

  13. Select EXIT.

Repeat for every child entitled to Extra Eligible Hours for this Account.