Chapter 10. Creating and Editing the Billable Account.

10.1. Introduction

Before a child's bookings can be entered it is necessary to establish a Billable Account in the name of a Parent, Caregiver, Employer or other entity.

Once the Billable Account has been established there are often occasions when the Account Details will need to be changed. For example, change of address, entering new re-assessed CCB details, and making changes to the account that may result from CCB changes that are retrospective.

Changing the information is generally straight-forward, following the procedure of original entry.

Establishing a second account where a current account is still being used, as in the case of separated parents, is also covered in this section.

Spike enables centres to email accounts to families instead of printing off a hard copy. For assistance to implement this email service please contact the Help Desk.

Note: The ACCOUNTS / LIST Report includes details of all account's postage and email addresses.