Chapter 15. Maintenance

15.1. Introduction

Just like a motor car, regular maintenance of your service database will avoid breakdowns, make it run faster and more smoothly with lower fuel consumption (ie. with less expenditure of your nervous energy).

15.1.1. Back-Up the Database

Backing up your data is an activity that must occur on a DAILY basis. The information stored in your computer is critical to the operation of your service. You will have spent a lot of time and money entering the information and data. Simple backup routines will avoid loss of data if something happens to your computer. For example, your computer may get a virus which destroys some or all of your data. An alternative scenario is that your hard drive malfunctions which, at best, would result in your data being temporarily inaccessible and at worst, the irretrievable loss of all of your data.

Because of this, Backing Up is VERY IMPORTANT, but depending on your computer system, there are various methods of performing this task.

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