Chapter 8. Enrolling a child

8.1. Introduction

Constructing the complete database of enrolments, accounts and bookings for your operating service is the most detailed and time-consuming task that you will have to undertake with your new software. It may require several weeks of intermittent work - although the fast-track method that follows allows you to get up and running within a few days!

By the time you have entered the booking and billing details for each child enrolled in your service, their CCB information, their adult associates and their medical information, you will have created a comprehensive database that will save you from most of the hassles and frustrations of maintaining the service's bookings and billings. You will also have created a powerful tool for planning the service's smooth operation.

To get underway with this task, follow the instructions for enrolling a new child in the service. These explain the entire process that you need to go through for each child.

Remember, as you begin to invest your precious time in this process, protect your hard work by Backing Up your database as part of your daily routine.

When a parent wants to enrol their child in your service you need to ensure that a series of things happen. Your aim is to make sure that all the correct information about the child and adults associated with them are entered into the computer, so that the service knows which sessions the child is attending, for how long, what the correct fee will be (including CCB) and to which account the bookings are to be charged.

Your Responsibilities.

  • Make sure that the child's parent/s or guardian/s have filled in the entire enrolment form and that the information is relevant (e.g. there aren't bookings for non-existent sessions).

  • Enter this information into the computer as described in the following pages.

  • Ensure that the data (information) that you enter into the computer is exactly the same as the enrolment form, otherwise there will be problems when you need to use the data later on (e.g. the child booked into the wrong sessions or having the wrong billing address)