11.8. Print a Child Care Receipt for Weekly Bills Paid

The Commonwealth Government requires that all services issue accurate, detailed receipts for all payments received from families, including details of the family's CCB for the receipt period. The printed bill does satisfy the FAO requirements for reporting this information to families but some services may wish to also print a 'Child Care Receipt'.

Spike has the option to automatically generate a Child Care Receipt at the bottom of the Weekly Bill whenever fees have been paid in full during the week, BUT an account holder may lose their Child Care Receipt and need a replacement, or the service has chosen not to automatically generate the Child Care Receipt and an account holder has specifically requested one.

Your Responsibility.

Steps to: Print a Child Care Receipt


  2. Enter the period for which you wish to produce the receipt.

    Note: the date range must include the week of care plus the week the receipt paid off the fee if different to the week of care.

  3. Select the Account Status.

  4. Select the account holder/s that you wish to produce the receipt for by either selecting All Accounts or Select Range.

  5. Select whether to display or print the receipt.

  6. Click on OK. The report will then be displayed or printed.

Alternatively, to print an individual Account's Child Care Receipt, you can also do it in ACCOUNT DETAILS.

Steps to: Print an Individual Child Care Receipt


  2. Select the Account from the Draw Down Selection List.

  3. Select the HISTORY Tab.

  4. Select the CHILDCARE RECEIPT button.

  5. Select the date range including both the week of care and the week the payment was receipted.

  6. Select whether to display or print the receipt.

  7. Select OK.