1.3. Making Up The Next Part Of The File

Each number is unique to a file except where the file is to be broken into "parts" e.g. A103 Bank Statements - Operating Account can become part 1 and part 2. This may be due to the file becoming too bulky. In this case a specific date range is given to both parts of the file and the part 1 is archived out of the system and part 2 is left as the current record.

Find your way into the Spike; Program (see Chapter 1.[3] - 'CREATING AN ADMIN FILE').

Place your cursor on Records Management and click your mouse.

It is worth noting that this procedure only takes place for records which MUST be kept for financial, legal or other formal purposes. In all other cases we advise that you generate a file using the next number in the sequence.

To keep your system clear of clutter it is advisable to "cull or prune" outdated information on a regular basis.