Chapter 1. Records Management System

The Records Management System covers three sets of files:-

1.1. Overview

The Administrative Records Management System is an alphanumeric system which uses both letters and numbers. The structure is based on a limited number of Keywords (subject headings) which provide the access points to related groups of file titles.

There are three operational lists for the system:-

The Keyword List is an alphabetical list of Keywords (or subject headings). It contains a brief description of the type of information to be placed under each Keyword. It also gives a cross-reference to related Keyword areas.

The Indexing List is a thesaurus of terms which are commonly used in your business. Its purpose is to assist you to quickly identify the Keyword grouping where information can be either filed or found.

The Administrative File List is the actual list of files grouped under keywords and includes the alphanumeric code which serves as the actual shelf address.