Chapter 3. Printing Lists & Labels

3.1. Overview

All outputs, i.e. Lists & Labels are called REPORTS. Labels for Administrative, Child and Staff Files can be produced. Lists of files and indexing terms, Lists of children and staff and a variety of Labels for Archive Boxes and other Office Organisation are printed using the appropriate sub menus available with the Records Management Tab.

Most reports follow the same procedure. Once you have made your choice then a window will appear asking if you would like to print or see the report on the screen first. This window will also alert you if special stationery is needed.

Some reports will prompt you to further information such as the date last printed or a specific child's name. An example of the report which covers most of the options you will be presented with is Admin File Labels - New. This report is used for newly created or amended files. The procedure is produced below because it is similar to many other reports.