Spike Comprises Of
  • A Computerised Bookings and Billings Module.
  • Model Staffing Policies.
  • Cash Management System
  • A Records Management System
  • Support

Together they provide a framework for efficient and effective control, of business demands, so that your service can spend less time on paperwork and more time focused on delivering quality service.

More About The Modules
  • The Booking and Billing Module
    is a computer software module that provides management information on utilisation, true earnings, debtors and CCB, to support dynamic management of the core business. It resolves all of the complex funding and compliance rules and automates many clerical processes. It also produces many reports specific to the children and the service.
  • The Model Staffing Policies
    provide a framework for maintaining the intimate caring informal atmosphere so valued in children's services yet avoiding the traumatic relationship breakdowns. This module is supplied as a set of templates.
  • The Cash Management System
    provides an integrated cash control and receipts process covering fees, petty cash and other "pots" of money. It is an efficient "one write" system which augmentsi the computerised Booking & Billing module.
  • The Records Management Module
    is a keyword, end tab filing system to ensure easy information retrieval and maximise filing efficiency.
  • On Going Support
    Support for the system is provided via the Help Desk. This includes all business and technical issues. Contact staff have extensive experience in the administration of children's services and are backed up by specialist consultants.

The software is extremely flexible. It has been developed keeping in mind that children's services are complex organisations. The software is easily configured to cater to the needs of individual services, multi campuses and central administration.


Services will require a suitable computer and printer (phone for specifications).

Standards of Excellence

The systems have been developed in consultation with child care services to truly meet their needs. They represent best practice & are continually upgraded and enhanced to reflect the changing needs of government departments.